features: incomplete animations, halfway done environments, bad ui, and controller support!!

all enemies can be killed except for one, who will show you your max combo count


2D platforming, card mixing action. Still in development.

Controls (Keyboard/Xbox/PS):

Arrow Keys/Left Stick/D-Pad - Move

Z/A/Cross  - Jump

X/X/Square - Use card 1 (2nd in order)

C/B/Circle - Use card 2  (3rd in order)

A/L1/L1 - Shift cards left

D/R1/R1 - Shift cards right

Card attacks are different while standing, running, or jumping.


Cardheart (dd22) Windows.zip 11 MB
Cardheart (dd22) Mac.zip 26 MB
Cardheart (dd22) Linux.zip 11 MB


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Guud game :)

I didn't like the sliding effect at first, especially trying to climb 1x1 blocks, but got used to it after a while.

Aside from that, very nice demo. Kinda sad there's nothing special once you collect all coins.

Yeah, I still need to tweak the physics so it feels tighter. Sorry about that, it was a last minute demo day addition, but I hope you had fun with it.

Nice game. The art is really pretty. I'm disappointed I couldn't get the web version to work on firefox (52.7.3 ESR). Couldn't figure out how to reach the higher platforms. Spamming fireballs while running is fun.

Guess it only works on latest Firefox. You can use the benches and the aerial attack to give yourself a little boost onto the brick walls or other walljumpable areas.