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I really like the mashup you've done here! 👍💯 The soundtrack is enjoyable and multitasking between turning and the rhythm is a fun challenge. The difficulty is in a good zone and it runs nicely on my MacBook Pro.

Perhaps I had to practice more, but I felt as though I wasn't 100% sure where to focus my eyes at times. I found I kind of alternated between looking at the beat timer and the minimap.

Is the minimap a separate render texture? How did you find making the beat timer in Godot? Did you use a particular language or framework?

Glad you liked it!

The minimap is just a viewport of the game zoomed out much further. Had to try a few solutions to get the rhythm really working, but setting positions based on OS time seemed to work the best (you can look at the source code, though it's very messy). Didn't use anything other than the built in Godot scripting.