A downloadable game for Windows

Build a base and capture the enemy flag! Heavily inspired by King Arthur's Gold. 

Online multiplayer game prototype made for fun with C# and Monogame, started working on other projects before I could fix some issues.

Press Tab in-game for controls.


  • sometimes connects but does not go to game screen
  • sometimes player spawns at (0, 0) instead of team tent
  • assist counter doesn't work
  • free-for-all does not work at the moment
  • flag item can fall and won't be able to be retrieved
  • click actions go through multiple clients if they are open
  • sometimes crashes when starting new game
  • chat messages go beyond bounds if message is too long
  • player animations run faster with more players
  • causing blocks to fall will sometimes not make them disappear until another block is broken

Install instructions

Run "NetGameServer.exe" in the Server folder to start the server. Runs on port 56263.

Run "NetGameClient.exe" in the Client folder to play the game.


dev v3.41.zip 2 MB

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